Inner Shelf WITHOUT Stairs


Also on offer, and provided independently in our doll’s house, is an inner shelf, so that toddlers can play and create a modular home that they can easily transport from one place to another.

The shelf designed with or without stairs cons:tutes a game in itself, a modern space where toddlers can create the different rooms of a house.

Its horizontal or vertical combination allows them to project different types of homes, creating multiple game scenarios.

It is a toy open to interpretation, where children and adults can enjoy countless hours of entertainment and magical adventures.


Technical Specifications


Solid laminated birch and beech wood from sustainable forests and with finishes suitable for child use.

Dimensions | Weight

17.5x25x26cm | 0.86 kilos


Natural wood

Use and care

Clean the surface with a soft, dry cloth. To remove small stains, use a cloth slightly moistened with water, and only if necessary, a few drops of mild soap.

LUNA Furniture

LUNA and its furniture is a changing, evolutionary and versatile universe, designed as pieces with mul:ple interpreta:ons so as to inspire crea:vity and encourage free play. In this way, the master bedroom can, for example, become a children’s bedroom… and even within each room the possibilities multiply, giving rise to totally different scenarios.

The furniture, with a clean and minimalist design, is joined by hidden magnets that separate, giving rise to other different pieces of furniture: the refrigerator is transformed into a display case, the chest of drawers into a cupboard, the bathtub into a crib or desk. The combinations are as endless as a child’s imagination.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted from solid beech wood sourced from sustainable forests with a polished finish.

We chose this soft finish for its natural look, but if you wish you can protect the surface with beeswax or even let the children add a touch of color to the furniture. To remove small stains and keep it looking beautiful, the use of fine sandpaper is recommended.

Scale 1:16


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