Furniture Pack


Selection of furniture for the different rooms of the house. The set includes bed, table, two chairs, sideboard, lamp, island, stools and 3 playroom items: cylinders, square and sphere.


Mobiliario LUNA

LUNA and its furniture is a changing, evolutionary and versatile universe, designed as pieces with mul:ple interpreta:ons so as to inspire crea:vity and encourage free play. In this way, the master bedroom can, for example, become a children’s bedroom… and even within each room the possibilities multiply, giving rise to totally different scenarios.

The furniture, with a clean and minimalist design, is joined by hidden magnets that separate, giving rise to other different pieces of furniture: the refrigerator is transformed into a display case, the chest of drawers into a cupboard, the bathtub into a crib or desk. The combinations are as endless as a child’s imagination.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted from solid beech wood sourced from sustainable forests with a polished finish.

We chose this soft finish for its natural look, but if you wish you can protect the surface with beeswax or even let the children add a touch of color to the furniture. To remove small stains and keep it looking beautiful, the use of fine sandpaper is recommended.

Scale 1:16


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