DENIZ wardrobe


Small wooden wardrobe for keeping doll’s clothes and accessories, including three wood clothes hangers. The doors are assembled with automatically closing hinges. Delivered fully assembled or unassembled. Recommended for children aged 3 or over.

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Laminated birch and solid beech from sustainable forest with finishes suitable for children’s use.

54x39x24 cm | 6,8 kilos

Dark Yellow, Green, Mint, Pale Pink, Dark Red, Natural Wood, Grey, Blue, Off- White


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Three wood clothes hangares included.

DENIZ wardrobe shelving
Shelving with separations designed to optimize space and store clothes, shoes or doll’s accessories in our DENIZ wardrobe. It is optional and can be easily inserted or removed.

Clothes hangers
Set of three hand-made laminated birch clothes hangers. Cut and sanded one-by-one, they have a water- based varnished finish suitable for children’s use. Their size of 15cm. is ideal for any type of doll’s clothes, from the smallest (approx. 30cm) to the largest (50cm.)



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